When you’re looking for a ride, there are many options available. You can choose from professional limousines or party buses to Uber and other rideshares. You have a lot of choices when it comes to hiring a driver. You may hire a professional limo, a party bus, or even an Uber for any occasion. Uber is really popular right now, and many people choose to use it to go about. So, why should you take a limousine for non-emergency medical transportation in New York City instead of an Uber? Here are a few things that may persuade you.


Limousines are professional vehicles

If you want to work as a limo driver, you’ll need to do more than just put a sticker on your car and pass a background check. Professional limo drivers are required to be licensed as such. They are full-time employees who devote their time to your requirements, not just someone who is willing to drop you off at work on their way to their own. Especially if there isn’t a medical emergency and you just want to relax and enjoy the experience.


Limousines allow you to travel in comfort and luxury

Do not take the bus or an Uber if possible. You might be arriving at your destination amidst dirty seats, un- comfortable seating arrangements and no power outlets for laptops! Instead wait until someone important has picked up their own limo service which will provide them with luxury comfort throughout their journey as well exceptional customer care. If you’ve ever taken an Uber, you’re well aware that you may be riding in anything. You could arrive at a gathering in a rusted-out old car that hardly runs. You might instead come in elegance in a limo. 


With a limo, you have guaranteed pricing

Uber’s “primetime” or “surge” price is well-known. This means you’ll have to pay extra if you need to call an Uber during peak hours. With a perfect limo, this is not the case. You reserve a car and pay the fee that is provided to you. If the service becomes popular, the price does not increase.

The best thing about using a limousine service is that you know exactly what you’re going to pay. There’s no surprises when it comes time for payment because they always show up and charge at their guaranteed rate, unlike Uber who has a history with shady pricing during busy hours which can result in higher costs.


Limousines are subjected to further scrutiny

Despite the fact that Uber drivers and their cars don’t have to go through screenings like limousines, there is still an important difference between them. Uber drivers and their vehicles are not required to go through the same checks as limousines and their drivers in many jurisdictions. Many limousines, for example, must undergo regular inspections and pay for certificates. Uber drivers must just adhere to the state’s inspection regulations for their personal automobiles. Furthermore, limo drivers must earn and maintain a chauffeur’s licence, but Uber drivers just need to pass their driver’s test once they reach the age of 16. 



You’re on your way to a special event, but you don’t want the hassle of driving there and back. With Ideal Limos by your side in a situation of non emergency medical transportation in New York though we can help make sure that doesn’t happen! Our professionals will chauffeur every step if need be so all you have left is time with family or friends without worrying about traffic jams in between trips

Uber is great when one needs their vehicle quickly; however sometimes they cost more than other alternatives such as taxis which may provide same level service at lower rates because they lack both transportation safety equipment nor luxury features like heated seats among others.



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