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Private Shuttle Service in New York

New York City is a great place to live, but it can be hard for young people to get around, and not all parents have time to worry about getting their kids to school. Many parents feel better knowing their kids can get to school safely. It is something parents will appreciate. We offer school bus and minibus services and premium school and college private shuttle services in New York.

The Most Reliable and Safe School Transportation Services in New York

When it comes to school transportation services in New York, one of the most important things to look out for is that the people who pick up and drop off the kids have been properly screened and trained. We do everything we can to ensure that the people who use our transportation services are safe and that the drivers are properly vetted with regular background checks. We also make sure that our drivers know how to deal with safety issues and other problems that might come up.

Our vehicles are safe, high-quality, and reliable, and our drivers are familiar with the tri-state area and the traffic patterns they are likely to see on the school route. The kids will get to School on time, safely, smoothly, and in comfort, thanks to a nice bus ride any time of year.

Reasonable and Luxurious Fleet

We keep a fully stocked and well-maintained fleet. Getting the kids to School on time is crucial, and we’re aware of that. In the event of a breakdown, we have a sizable fleet to ensure that all kids get to School on time. We have luxury SUVs that can seat up to 24 people and buses that can hold between 44 and 56 people. We have something that will work for you, whether you need a compact, luxurious vehicle to transport children to and from School or a vehicle suitable for a local pick-up service.

Our school transportation services are a great option at a reasonable cost, giving parents of your School’s students peace of mind and making your students’ everyday lives easier. Our vehicles go through a multi-point inspection, which we do regularly. We often replace our fleets, and we don’t risk anything that might be showing signs of wear and tear. We have a range of vehicles for schools and class groups of all sizes.

Trusted and Excellent Staff

Every one of our drivers understands the extent of the trust placed in them and the significance of their work. When we hire a driver, we can rest assured that they will take the most sensible path and use cautious driving techniques to get the children to School on time and safely. The drivers are instructed to keep an eye on the kids and ensure they act responsibly while on the bus. They ensure the kids’ safety on the road and do their best to make the daily commute pleasant.

Call us: +1-914-779-0087 today if you’d like to see our fleet or learn more about how we can get your kids to School.