Do you want to know how not to miss your flight?

What are the tips for boarding your flight in time?

Let’s conceive this: your flight will take off in less than an hour, and you are rushing in traffic to make it to the airport in time. You get to the airport with 30 minutes to spare, get through security, check-in and check your bags and run towards the gate, but the doors have closed, and you find that you missed the final boarding. Missing your flight is so awful; it can ruin your travel plans.

Missing a flight and having to book a seat at a later flight is not fun. It’s like a nightmare to coordinate a new flight through airline services. Your next flight could take hours to take off; you could get stuck at the airport. In this article, let me share these four tips to avoid the headache of missing a flight and being stuck at the airport for hours.

tips to get to the airport on time

  1. Organize yourself ahead of time

If you are the kind of person who prefers to pack and organize your trip at the last minute and you like living on the edge, it can be very risky for you to always get on board in time. Airlines don’t wait for you, so you can’t take the risk of airline travel.

To get everything together in haste seconds before your departure can result real chaos, forgetting key documents, and failure to pack everything you require.

Always make sure to fully pack and organize at least a day or two before the flight, ideally sooner if possible. Since you won’t be frantically packing at the last minute, it will help get you to the airport on time and ensure you don’t forget your documents: ticket and passport (if you’re traveling internationally).


  1. Plan to get to the airport at least two hours before your flight

Before your flight, you have to think about a lot of things and hurdles; traffic delays, parking place, checking in and checking bags, and of course, the most dreaded, getting through the airport security checks. And particularly if you are traveling during summer time or on holidays trips, all of these can take a fair bit of time.

Always plan to arrive at the airport two hours before your flight if traveling domestically and at least three hours before your international flight to avoid feeling hustled and stressed. By doing so, you can avoid extra stress because it’ll give you extra time for everything you need.


  1. Stay up-to-date by downloading the airline’s app

Make sure to download the airline’s app no matter you are flying, American, United, Delta, or any other airline to stay up-to-date on any cancellations and delays. At some international airports like MCI, unfortunately, flight delays and cancellations are relatively common.

The airline app will alert you if your flight has any updates without charges, as these apps are free. By using the app, you can avoid missing your flight and determine how early you should arrive at the airport.


  1. Book airport car service

Do everything you can to avoid public transportation like buses and subways, to get to the airport on time. To catch your flight through public transport can make it hard as it has the tendency to run behind schedule.

There are a number of reasons: lack of comprehensive commercial insurance, technology, and professional etcetera. You want to avoid using UBER or Lyft services.

Therefore, book an airport car service through a chauffeured transportation company to get to the airport with comfort, safety, and plenty of time to spare.


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